NYPD Issued More Strict Rules For Use Of Social Media By Police Officers

/ 5 years ago

The New York Police Department issued a set of strict guidelines for its police officers to follow, where they will require to change some details in their personal profiles in Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites. As soon as the news spread, the police officers made several changes, such as removing references of the specific department they’re working for.

Certain few confusions amongst the officers, such as the case of an officer with his background in the military, who replaced his twitter profile of him wearing his patrol uniform to a picture of himself wearing an Army uniform, another wasn’t sure if he can use the word “Detective” as his job description.

The other regulations were clear: Not to post pictures of the crime scenes, witness statements and other non-public information that is obtained by a police offer, engaging with witnesses victims or defense lawyers which also include not to be friends or follow them on social media sites.

This isn’t the first time police officers been faced with certain guidelines where they have to change the information that they post via social media, but such an order was not expected, as said by Roy Richter of Captains Endowment Association.

The Fire Department is also currently drafting its own social media policy. The Detroit Police department had issued a set of guidelines in 2011 after a police officer posted pictures of a man wielding a machete on facebook. The Albuquerque Police Department barred its policemen from identifying themselves via social media.

Violation of these orders would result in actions such as dismissal from the force.

One and a half years ago, police officers posted many insulting comments on facebook about the West Indian American Day Parade where more than a dozen policemen were disciplined.

Source: New York Times

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