NZXT Announces Aer Series F PC Fans

/ 12 months ago

With every new hardware release these days, it seems it is impossible to get away from the RGB invasion. NZXT’s recent Aer Series RGB fans were no exception, but the company has followed up their earlier release with a more vanilla lineup. The new Aer Series F fans go for a more subdued design. The fans come in both 120mm and 140mm sizes.

In place of the RGB band in its predecessor, the Aer Series F features swappable colour bands for customization. While it is of a similar design to the Aer P and Aer RGB, it is optimised for airflow first and foremost. Compared to the Aer P, it features lower static pressure but compensates with higher airflow numbers. With this new addition, the Aer RGB now sits in the middle of the performance spectrum with a better balanced or static pressure and airflow.

Just like the rest of the Aer Series lineup, the Aer F features the chamfered intake and exhaust and winglet-designed fan blades running on long-lasting fluid dynamic bearings. NZXT is claiming 60,000 hours or 6 years of operation with these PWM fans. The fan cables are sleeved, which is always a nice addition. As premium fans, their cost is a bit high but reasonable for what you are getting.

  • Aer F120 (Single Pack) – $17.99 USD
  • Aer F120 (Twin Pack) – $29.99 USD
  • Aer F140 (Single Pack) – $19.99 USD
  • Aer F140 (Twin Pack) – $32.99 USD

Aer Trims 120mm (Available in Red, White, and Blue) – $5.99 for two trims
Aer Trims 140mm (Available in Red, White, and Blue) – $5.99 for two trims

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