NZXT H6 Flow RGB White PC Case Review


The side panel can be removed with a single thumbscrew at the rear of the case, and then by simply pulling it forward to release the pegs that hold it in place. With it removed, you can see there’s quite a lot of wide-open access to install any hardware.

In the bottom of the case, there’s a large recess, making it the perfect place to mount a couple of fans, without compromising the expansion slots. However, you could get an AIO or radiator here too, at the cost of some of the bottom expansion slots.

The expansion slots themselves are recessed into the case, putting the screws on the interior rather than the rear of the case.

There’s a large cut-out for the motherboard, allowing for easier CPU cooler mounting, but also a large cut-out above and below to allow for easy cable routing.

There’s room in the top for 120/140mm fittings with full-length fan and radiator support. There are multiple rails closer to the motherboard too, allowing you to choose how far out the fans/radiators are installed, so they don’t conflict with the motherboard should you have larger VRM heatsinks.

The front fans look awesome, and without a doubt, they’re going to provide plenty of airflow to the case.

The top panel is mounted with pegs, so again, just give that a firm pull and it pops off, so you can easily reach any of the mounts.

Finally, we have the back chamber, and this too is quite large, with lots of room to store cables, while providing additional mounts for storage and your power supply.

The HDD cage is very cool, not only is it fully removable, but the side closer to the camera has two SSD mounts, while the back part is a 3.5″ tray.

There are thick Velcro straps here, allowing you to easily tidy up your cables.

And two more above the motherboard to do the same.

Finally, we have the angled panel, which again can be popped off.

My only concern at this point is that dust filtering is basically… not good. It’s just a perforated mesh with no fine mesh behind it. This is true of all the mounts on the case, so if you have a dusty house, this could be a problem.

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