NZXT H6 Flow RGB White PC Case Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The NZXT H6 is going to be available from today, with prices ranging from £99.99 to £119.99, which I think is pretty fantastic value for money given how good the case is! We’ll update with retail links later today.

  • H6 Flow: $109.99/£99.99
  • H6 Flow RGB: $134.99/£119.99


There are a lot of great PC cases on the market these days, even if most of them are very similar. Honestly, there’s no getting away from the fact that even the NZXT H6 is pretty similar to some of its rivals. It looks like the HYTE Y60 most of all, but it’s superior in two very specific ways. Firstly, the angled corner is now on the right, not the left. This means the front and left side glass now join together more squarely, which I like the look of since it’s a pillarless design and doesn’t affect the view. However, it also means we now have three 120mm fans in the front, giving us lots of airflow. The second is that the fans are angled away from the right side panel. This simple trick means that unlike the HYTE Y60 or the 011-Dynamic type cases, the NZXT H6 can be put with its right side against a wall and it won’t constrict the airflow, making this a more corner-friendly dual-chamber case!

The build quality is exceptional too, with the same thick steel, thick glass, durable construction with the same thick white paint finish we’ve been seeing throughout the NZXT range for years now. If you’ve owned one of their high-end cases in recent years, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. It feels robust, the panels fit with ease, and everything is very well laid out to make it easy to work with.

It’s not all roses though, there is one glaring issue with this case. Dust. There’s no fine mesh on the intakes, just a mesh panel with holes that are about 1mm. The consequence of the dual glass is that there is a small gap there too. Now, this isn’t a problem for all, but I live in a dusty area and my house gets notoriously dusty over the course of a single week, so this would be a pain for me to use this case daily.

What this case excels at, however, is showing off, and doing it with both class and style. It is by far one of the prettiest-looking cases I’ve ever reviewed, one of the easiest builds I’ve ever done for a review, and one of the cleanest cable routing jobs I’ve ever done. That’s a pretty impressive feat, and the end results of the build certainly speak for themselves, it looked amazing.

Should I Buy One?

If you’re looking for a case that can deliver big on airflow, hardware support and style, the NZXT H6 is a really strong competitor in the fiercely competitive dual-chamber showcase market. Is it better than the rival offerings from the likes of HYTE or Lian-Li? In some regards yes, in others, it’s subjective, but it’s fair to say they’re all exceptional cases. However, the unique front panel and exceptional cable routing configuration would personally have my ordering the H6!

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