Obama’s tweet becomes most popular tweet of all time

/ 5 years ago

A tweet sent out by Barack Obama regarding his re-election as President of the United States has rapidly become the most popular of all time.

The post, which simply read “Four more years” and was accompanied by a photo of Obama embracing his wife Michelle, had already been retweeted over 350,000 times just an hour after it was posted.

The same tweet had been favourited by 122,000 Twitter users, with both numbers growing exponentially.

The victory tweet surpassed the previous record held by teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber which was retweeted 223,376 times, according to The Atlantic.

Obama, whose campaign has harnessed social media extremely effectively since he became a presidential candidate in 2008, has amassed a whopping 22 million followers on Twitter.

The record-breaking proclamation of victory came towards the close of a frenetic election night on Twitter, which will likely break records for posts and activity.


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