EXCLUSIVE: OcUK Debuts Wire-free SATA Adaptors

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Getting a new and revolutionary product to market is always a challenge, but there are some instances where the product is so revolutionary that it changes the way in which we interact and manage our beloved systems. Following months of planning and r&d, Overclockers UK are proud to announce the launch of their exclusive wireless SATA adapters. Unlike a traditional SATA cable that for some requires meticulous cable management to fit just right in their system, this revolutionary product takes away that need, making the build time for your system much faster.

Each pair of adapters, once installed work just like any other SATA connection, although at this time the speed is limited to SATA 3Gbps. Running on a low power 2.4GHz connection, the adaptors can work up to distances of 2m with a shielded end and micro-antennae to block out any interference from other wireless devices. The plug and play units have an auto sensing channel selection to allow multiple sets to be installed into your system for the ultimate in cable management.

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OcUK have got a limited run on these products whilst a SATA II set of adapters is in the development stage to see how the market warms to the concept. For a remarkable price of £199.99 (inc VAT) you can be one of the first to jump onto the next generation of wireless storage devices. I’m also told that bulk orders will see a significant discount. I can see already that this product is going to be a top-level product and I’d already be happy to give this our prestigious Innovation Award. Head over to OcUK with this link where you can get your orders in.


Source: Overclockers UK

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  • Alistair Hardy

    That really is a neat idea. It may not be as fast as Sata 6Gbp/s right now, but if they get it running on the 5GHz spectrum, it’s entirely possible.
    For the standard HDD, this is an amazing idea.

    • pshhht april 1st

      • Alistair Hardy

        I can dream!
        Still, have to admit it’s a good idea.
        I actually forgot it was April 1st until about 5 mins after i posted this.

  • Dale

    Amazing tech, horrible joke. If only this was posted on April 2nd… lol

  • Skidmarks

    Heh heh. Nice one.

  • Bill Peppas

    nice try hahahaha

  • pmsl love it

  • Necrossis_nk1

    OMG!!! hell yeah now this is innovation, just imagine the only cables in your system are from the PSU saddly transmitting wireless energy its a dream, but anyway doesn’t matter, let’s see what the future bring to this technology.

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