Oculus Rift Features VR Navigation and New Oculus Touch Input

/ 2 years ago


Accessing content while wearing a virtual reality headset has to be easy and Oculus created an in-headset application for that. Browse you games, buy new ones, stalk your friends – everything you’re used to from Steam, Origin, Uplay, or any other gaming platform.


The only difference is, you don’t need to leave your virtual reality. And that goes a long way as screenshots and videos only go so far in ways of presenting 3D content. That’s why you can browse and preview everything with the VR engine. There’s also a 2D interface available when you sit at your computer and don’t want to put on a headset to browse your library or see what your friends are playing.


One of the first thing almost everyone does when entering the world of VR for the first time, they reach out and try to touch or grab what isn’t there, because it feels like you’re there.

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Now we’ve seen that Oculus will include a Xbox One controller with the Rift, that might not be the perfect gadget for every scenario. It still provides a unified setup that developers can work from, something that everyone has when they have a Rift headset.

That is where code-name Half-moon comes into play and while it isn’t hands-free motion tracking of everything, it’s somewhere in between and it looks great. We’re talking about the Oculus Touch and the crowd cheered during the presentation.



The Oculus Touch is actually two controllers, one for each hand, and each with motion traction. Included are also the traditional controls known from gamepads. The only difference between the two is that they are mirrored, just like your own hands.






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