OCZ Announce Vertex 3.20 SSD with 20nm NAND Flash

/ 5 years ago


Today OCZ Technology have unveiled their latest Solid State Drive which falls under the Vertex 3 series of drives but with a difference as it features 20 nanometer NAND flash memory. Keeping with the original, the drive is a 2.5 inch, 6Gbps SATA III based drive that features MLC memory.

The Vertex 3 held the reviewers yard-stick for quite some time, with consumers buying them in the truckloads, so it makes sense for OCZ to implement 20nm NAND flash memory into this particular series of drives. With 20nm technology, we see a smaller die size and effective cost savings to the manufacturer, making it a no-brainer as to why OCZ have developed this drive.

The drive will be branded as the Vertex 3.20 and will initially comes in 120GB and 240GB flavours, and a 480GB version will follow along later. The drive will features the trusty LSI SandForce S-2200 controller and will offer the user up to 550MB/s read speeds and 520MB/s write with random read performance up to 35,000 IOPS and random write performance up to 65,000 IOPS.

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OCZ have developed this drive to keep on top of the market, whilst also keeping at the forefront of reliability, stability and keeping power efficiency in mind through use of the 20nm architecture involved in this drive.

The drive will come with a 3-year warranty and should be available globally very soon. No word on pricing as of yet, but please check your local stores and etailers for more concrete pricing and availability.

More information on this drive can of course be found on the OCZ official website.

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