OCZ’s Ryan Petersen is finished as CEO

/ 5 years ago

The Bright Side of News is reporting that OCZ’s founder and CEO has been thrown to the side by the Board of Directors, and replce with interim CEO, Alex Mei, who is OCZ’s current CMO. OCZ’s statement says:

Alex Mei, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer as Interim CEO, effective immediately. Mr. Mei’s appointment follows the Board’s acceptance of Ryan Petersen’s resignation as President, CEO and a director of the Company. Mr. Mei will also maintain his current responsibilities as EVP and Chief Marketing Officer until a permanent CEO has been selected.

The ins and outs of Petersen’s departure aren’t fully recognised, but the BSN* has been quoted that the company’s “recent missteps” can be attributed to his departure today. Petersen has navigated the company through its huge growth and success, but recently we’re seen some issues such as the failed acquisition by hard-drive maker, Seagate, as well as OCZ’s poor fiscal performane of late.
Will this effect OCZ in the long run? Is the ousting of its founder and CEO a sign of huge trouble? We won’t know for a while yet, but you can be rest assured we should know in the near future.


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