Old iPods Are Selling for $90,000

/ 3 years ago

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Earlier this year, Apple stopped producing the trusty old iPod Classic – what was the only remaining iPod with any resemblance to the legendary original. This particular model was very popular with music fans, as it featured a massive hard drive allowing the very biggest music aficionados to carry their entire libraries with them.

So it’s understandable that demand has grown for eBay sales of the device, but perhaps not too understandable to find that one iPod has sold for $90,000. That particular sale involved the ‘U2 iPod’, a special model released in 2004 in collaboration with the band. It featured a special black and red colour scheme, as well as engravings of the signatures of U2 band members. The model sold on eBay was a “rare” factory sealed UK model. The one if the image above is currently going for $5,000.

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Now of course this case concerns a special edition iPod, so it isn’t too surprising it got that much money. However, more common older iPods are still selling for 4 figure sums, alongside the final ‘classic’ iPod fetching double its original price.

Think you might have an old iPod laying around the house somewhere? Get it on eBay, you might just make a small fortune.

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