One of a Kind £100,000 Ocarina of Time Prototype Hits eBay

/ 3 years ago


There are many rare collectables in the world of video games, but very few of them are as expensive as this one. A super rare prototype cartridge for Nintendo 64 masterpiece The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has surfaced on eBay, it’s buy it now price set at a staggering £100,000 or best offer. At last check the item had 7 offers on it, but remains unsold.

The game is said to be a debug version and includes a special debug menu that you can navigate after loading the game. The game is said to only work with an expansion pak attached and can be seen being operated in the video below.

The seller states that this is the only copy of this cart in known existence, but how this could be validated (other than by the fact we’ve never seen one) is unknown. The item appears to be legitimate, with the eBay user in question selling many other rare games of this type, although perhaps not at this price, while maintaining a 100% review score on their profile.

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The question is, would you pay £100,000 for a rare collectible like this? Let us know what you would do with that money in the comments section below.

Thank you eBay for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of eBay.

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