One Shot, the New Snipers-Only Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Mode

/ 2 years ago

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Sledgehammer has released a new mutliplayer game mode for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, designed to satisfy fans of sniping, called One Shot. With a tiny health bar, a sniper rifle, and no sidearm, this team deathmatch will test your aim, reflexes, and sneakiness. As the name suggests, one good hit is all you need to drop your opponent.

A stark contrast to other game modes, One Shot is a slower, more deliberate affair, encouraging players to apply stealth and evasion. The five classes in the mode offer different perks, scorestreaks, and exo abilities, so players can refine their particular strengths.

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One Shot is available to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare owners right now.

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  • MR G

    “encouraging players to apply stealth and evasion” Or jump off buildings spinning several times before landing a headshot and screaming over XBL :’) That statement seems a little more accurate imo.

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