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We’ve all heard of online matchmaking sites when it comes to dating, but this is somewhat more useful. At least to me, and I’m loving this idea, lets hope it spreads to more parts of the world.

Craft Coffee has come up with a concept of matching the perfect cup of coffee to the customer.The company has been around since 2011, offering up a coffee subscription service designed to help users discover new roasts from around the country. It partners with dozens of different independent roasters to source beans and deliver them to customers that would probably never have heard of them.

The subscription model isn’t anything new in itself, but Craft has taken all their information from previous sale and combined it with their knowledge about the beans to create a discovery model based on what it calls the Coffee DNA project. Having shipped over 50 thousand pounds of coffee already, Craft has a big database. That coupled with customer survey and and coffee drinkers will be presented with a products just for his or hers taste.

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New customers just sign up and take a short survey, and if they’re looking for something similar or something new and different. They then choose a price level and delivery schedule, as well as whether they’d prefer whole or ground beans.

The new coffee is sent each month, either one package of beans or a sampler from three different roasters. Plans start at $11.99 and go up to $24.99, depending on the quality of the coffee that they send. With thousands of different blends in its database and hundreds of different beans available to ship to its customers at any time, Craft Coffee hopes to find something for anyone. According to founder Michael Horn, the company is building out a distribution network for the roasters that it partners with, who probably wouldn’t be able to reach the customers it connects them with otherwise.

This is technology based matchmaking I can get behind.

Thank you TechCrunch for providing us with this information.

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  1. Wayne says:

    It sounds interesting, it’s just a pity I don’t touch the stuff.

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