OnlyFans Wants to Distance Itself From Having Just ‘Adult Content’ (Because it Doesn’t!)

OnlyFans does have something of a reputation for mostly being a repository for adult content. It is, after all, where many people make significant amounts of money by releasing videos for paying subscribers to, shall we say, get a more ‘exclusive’ look at them than they might be allowed to do so on an alternative platform like Twitch or YouTube *cough*. – In this regard, however, I think it would be fair to say that this association with ‘adult-only’ content has never sat entirely comfortably with the management at OnlyFans. Predominantly because the association has always somewhat prevented them from ever hitting the mainstream.

A factor best highlighted when, just a year ago, the platform announced its intention to ban all adult-related (pornographic basically) content. A move which, incidentally, following a significant outcry from its members, required them to back peddle on the decision within literally only days of announcing it!

Following a report via Bloomberg, however, OnlyFans is seemingly launching a fresh PR campaign in an attempt to remove any misconceptions about their platform. Put simply, they don’t want people to think the only thing on there is pornography, and in that regard, they do actually have a point!

OnlyFans Wants to Transition to the Mainstream

Following comments from their UK company’s strategy chief Keily Blair, she has said that while the platform is certainly orientated towards providing adult-only content, this shouldn’t be misunderstood or incorrectly conceived as meaning that this is entirely comprised of X-rated stuff. – And, in fairness, she does have a point as there are many other channels available on the platform offering services such as yoga, fitness, cooking, music, and much more.

“Amazon sell books on sex and gardening. Nobody calls Amazon an adult bookstore, right? – Our content creators provide content on anything from gardening to lady gardens, and for some reason, OnlyFans is ‘an adult-content site” – Keily Blair OnlyFans

The only key issue though is that while other content is there, it’s hard to deny that the vast majority of its circa 2 million members are typically posting content falling under the more hairy-palmed aspect of ‘adult-only’ content rather than education videos on how to prepare the perfect spaghetti bolognese. Well, I daresay there might be a video of someone doing that while happening to be naked, but you get my point!

Why Bother Making the Point?

The real reason OnlyFans is trying to somewhat disassociate themselves from solely hosting pornographic content is predominantly due to the UK’s proposed (and seemingly doomed to failure) Online Safety Bill which would require websites to provide much tougher restrictions on allowing those under the age of 18 to view sexually explicit content online. – And here we hit the problem that while users must technically be 18 or older to have an account there, they’re aren’t exactly many checks to categorically ensure that this is the case.

On a side note, Facebook has a similar problem in that the minimum age requirement to have an account on that platform is 13, yet I know for a fact my 11-year-old nephew is on it!

At this point though, OnlyFans clearly has a huge problem on its hands. While it might not like having pornographic content as its main association, I daresay that the revenue it generates has them somewhat over a barrel to keep it now, regardless of whether they want it or like it!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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