Open Benchtable Now Available in Silver, Red and Black

/ 8 months ago

The Open Benchtable was a huge success and the first available batch sold out in no time. That is really not a surprise and it is a genuine unique quality product that fills a need. A second batch is on the way and the Open Benchtable will be available again in a few weeks – and it will be so with new colours.

The second batch of Open Benchtables will be delivered with a limited quantity of red and black version. The limitation isn’t to make them collector’s items among users, but in order to test the waters and see whether there is a market for them or not. The original silver version will also still be available, naturally.

The new versions feature the exact same specifications with the same lightweight, portable and fully integrated Benchtable design, and each model sports an Open Benchtable Edition engraving too. The only thing new are the colours. I think the new colours will become just as popular as the original Open Benchtable and I predict them to be sold out in no time.

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Open Benchtable and sleeve

Each Open Benchtable product also ships with a custom traveller sleeve. It ensures that the Benchtable remains undamaged regardless of where your travels may take you.

The Open Benchtable Edition is available directly from the manufacturer’s website. The original silver version retails for $159 USD (excluding shipping), while red and black versions of the Open Benchtable will cost $199 USD (shipping included). Prices include the traveller sleeve.

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