Optimistic Outlook For PC Market In Rest Of 2014

/ 3 years ago


Industry sources from the upstream component supply chain are preparing for an increase in PC demand throughout the rest of this year. PC demand is expected to recover just like how notebook demand has done recently, the demand is expected to be driven from the enterprise side of the market as “Windows XP migraters” need new computers to run Windows 7, Windows 8.X or other newer operating systems. The increased sales are also expected to be fuelled by new hardware releases from AMD (such as Kaveri, Volan, Kabini and Beema) and from Intel (Devil’s Canyon, upcoming Haswell-E, the Unlocked Pentium).

“In addition to a recovery in notebook demand, desktop sales are also expected to rise. Intel is optimistic about enterprise desktop demand and has increased its resource investments for enterprise platforms.” States Digitimes.

Demand for consumer desktop PCs will probably remain weak throughout this year but vendors are hoping that demand from the business sector and from emerging markets will help drive the overall figures forward.

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Source: Digitimes

Image courtesy of HP

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