Origin Error gave $20 games away for free over the weekend

/ 5 years ago

Gamers went free game crazy over the weekend after EA cocked up a survey download code.

In exchange for completing a brief survey, EA gave away a code for a $20 download for use on the US and Canadian Origin store. The problem was the code wasn’t secured, so it could be used by anyone as many times as they liked.

It didn’t take long for the code to hit Reddit.

Yesterday, after the internet had had its fill, Origin community manager Sam “QforQ” Houston took to the EA forum to address the situation.

“The coupon code is now expired, we’ll honor all sales made with the coupon code over the weekend and hope fans enjoy their games.”

Perhaps George Broussard, of 3DRealms fame, summed it up best on Twitter: “Going to be a fun IT meeting at EA in the morning. 🙂

Source: EA Forums

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