Outlast 2 – This is How it Performs on PC

/ 10 months ago

Outlast 2

A couple of weeks ago, we informed you about the Steam release of Outlast 2, the successor of the first Outlast horror game, the story involving different characters and settings but in the same universe as its predecessor. This was a highly anticipated game by horror genre fans, and its low official PC requirements really took us by surprise. But the game is now launched on PC, so we can all give our rigs a run for its money.

Outlast 2 graphics settings don’t give the player a big variety of parameters to experiment with, but we do have resolution, textures and texture filtering, shadows, geometry, fog, effects and AA. It also includes some toggle settings such as motion blur, V-Sync, fullscreen and triple buffering.

According to Red Barrels, you can enjoy the game at 1080p and 60 FPS using a Nvidia GTX 660, which is partially true because such performance can only be achieved if we lower the settings of the game. Our sources indicate that using a GTX 690 can achieve an average frame rate of 65 FPS, but in certain occasions, the frames would go as low as 50. For a more powerful GPU such as the GTX 980Ti though, it is like a walk in the park, as it performs at 60 FPS on High settings and at 1080p resolution without breaking a sweat.

CPU wise, it looks like simple dual core chips will have some performance issues regarding frame pacing, particularly if hyper-threading is disabled. This doesn’t mean that you need a high-end CPU to enjoy the game properly. Outlast 2 appears to be using three threads, two of which do all the heavy lifting, leaving the third one to chip in whenever is required to provide some extra power. That being said, chips with hyper-threading such as Intel Core i3’s, should have no problem offering a pleasant gaming experience.

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