OUYA Consoles On Their Way To Initial Kickstarter Backers

/ 5 years ago


The OUYA console took the world of gaming by storm and it generated its required funding very quickly, in the end it generated $8,583,769 with its $950,000 target being smashed in under a day. The OUYA project managed 63,416 backers in total and now OUYA are beginning to ship the first wave of consoles to all those who backed them on Kickstarter. The first wave commenced a couple of days ago and it is expected that 3 weeks will be needed to fulfill all the orders from Kickstarter.

OUYA has said that the console already has over 100 games, 104 to be precise, ready to play straight away. Some of these are totally free and others offer free trials but big name games include Final Fantasy III, Beast Boxing Turbo and Stalagflight. There is one catch to accessing the free games, that you need to enter credit/debit card information first. This has angered a lot of people and if we see enough of a backlash then OUYA might be forced to revise this policy. One user commented:

“Honestly, I really don’t see why you think the credit/debit card information needs to be added before one even downloads a game? How does that ensure it any better than allowing users to download the free games and then adding the information when I want to buy something”

According to OUYA 8000 developers have created accounts for the new console and we should be seeing new games “every day”. Consumers that get their new consoles will be greeted by some updates so an internet connection is necessary for the updates and to access games from the store. Only time will tell on how successful the OUYA console really is.

Have you pre-ordered an OUYA console? Are you excited about receiving it in the next few weeks? Are you unhappy about having to enter your payment information just to access free games? Let us know your thoughts.


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