Ouya’s dev console gets its first unboxing

/ 5 years ago

Ouya have released a little unboxing of their new gaming console. lucky developers would be getting the cubed console, two prototype controllers, which would have some few changes afterwards, necessary cables and a letter to the developers.

The unit’s casing is made in a way that hardware hackers can open it and do whatever modification they deem fit.


Ouya did warn to developers that this isn’t the final product so there will be bugs that need to be fixed and the letter also gives thanks to the developers for having a look at their console for developing games. It also gave a disclaimer that if any gamer gets a hands on this that this is a dev console and doesn’t have any games in it.

Ouya shipped 1,200 of these dev units to developers worldwide and released a shot of what the consoles menus would look like, for now.

Source: Ouya

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