Overclockers UK Tease Something Big

/ 3 years ago


Overclockers UK are teasing that something big coming, but we have very little idea what! They have teased us with a video on their Facebook page today, but we don’t have many other clues yet.

Watching the video closely, we spotted that the PSU could be an 8pack branded Super Flower PSU. Digging a bit more and we found out that Super Flower shared the video on their own Facebook page, so they certainly have something to do with this.

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How big will this be? Will it be an 8pack improved PSU? or maybe a killer new system? We’ll have to be a little more patient to find out.

Overclockers have just brought the Leadex 1600W monster PSUs to the EU, so if this is a new complete system built by 8pack, then it will one killer of a system. What do you think it is?

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