Overwatch Patch Brings Junkertown Map to Life

/ 5 months ago

Overwatch Patch Brings Junkertown Map to Life

Blizzard is releasing patch for Overwatch today, finally making the Junkertown map playable to the public. This Australia-based playground for the escort gametype map was introduced at Gamescom in August. Junkertown also happens to be the hometown of characters Roadhog and Junkrat.

As expected, Junkertown is a harsh and unforgiving environment in the Australian Outback. Its construction is made from the remains of a destroyed omnium robot factory. Moreover, a band of lawless scavengers known as Junkers call it home. The map also has a massive gladiatorial arena called the Scrapyard.

Overwatch Patch Changes Mercy and D.Va as Well

Overwatch Patch Brings Junkertown Map to Life

In addition to the new Junkertown map, the patch also makes significant changes to popular characters Mercy and D.Va.

Mercy’s ultimate ability ‘Resurrect’ is no more. In its place is her new ultimate Valkyrie, turning herself into a flying resurrection machine with infinite ammo. The damage boost in this mode does not carry forward from the Public Test Region version of the ultimate however.

D.Va’s Defense Matrix receives some nerfing. However, she gains a new ability called Micro Missiles which she can use any time. Blizzard also gave her the ability to use Fusion Cannons while flying.

Even Reinhardt got an update, although not as drastic as Mercy’s or D.Va’s. Players can now rotate the camera while his shield is up. Several other changes include updates to the Mystery Heroes gametypeand other bug fixes. To see the full list, read over the full patch notes at Battle.net.

Junkertown Release Trailer

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