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Patriot Viper VPR100 1TB M.2 NVMe RGB SSD

Sometimes you just want something that is a little more than normal and that’s usually when RGB enters the battlefield. Today I will be taking a look at the Viper VPR100 from Patriot which is an M.2 NVMe SSD with built-in RGB.

Patriot Viper VPR100 RGB SSD

At its base, the Viper VPR100 from Patriot is an SSD like any other of its class. It is a basic 2280 M.2 module which will fit almost any PCIe NVMe compatible motherboard. On the top of the card is an aluminium heatsink as we’ve seen it on other drives too. But it doesn’t stop there. Patriot also added RGB LEDs and control to the heatsink.

The RGB part has a default pulsing mode, but it is controllable through ASRock Polychrome Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and MSI Mystic Light Sync. With full control from all major player’s software, the drive is ready to serve your system the way you want it to serve.

The SSD itself is an M.2 PCIe Gen.3 x4 SSD which is powered by an E12 controller from Phison which is paired with Toshiba 3D TLC NAND. An effective combination as we can see in the specifications and ratings. The 1TB model also has a 1GB DRAM cache.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Viper VPR100 features an external thermal sensor too and doesn’t rely solely on the sensor inside the controller.

SSD Performance and Endurance

The Viper VPR100 comes in four capacity options from 256GB to 2TB. The capacity will have some effect on the performance as is well known. I have a 1TB version in the office today which is rated for a sequential performance of up to 3300MB/s when reading and 2900MB/s when writing. The random performance is rated for up to 700K IOPS when reading and 650K when writing. That’s a fast drive!

At this time, it should be noted that utilizing RGB sync can decrease the performance with up to 30%. That makes it a tradeoff and it will split the waters whether people will want to get it. But honestly, on a day-to-day usage base, you won’t notice it during your work.

The Total Bytes Written (TBW) for the 1TB model is 1600TB which is great. It is also backed by a 5-year warranty from Patriot.

What Does Patriot Have To Say?

“Transform your speed of light! Patriot Viper Gaming is delighted to introduce the world’s first RGB APP sync, high-performance M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 SSD, VPR100. Designed with a sharp heatshield external and Phison’s solid E12 controller gives the VPR100 the cutting-edge technology to reach lightning speeds. 5x faster than SATA SSDs, VPR100 is the next RGB edition SSD for gamers, tech enthusiasts, content creators, 3D modelers, and video rendering professionals looking into blazingly fast start up times and instantaneous access to their data for better productivity.

Boost your gameplay and rank up your competitive matches in striking style with VPR100’s impressively reliable, low-profile, easy-to-install PCIe SSD.”

You can read more about the drive and its details on the official product page.

Feature Highlights

  • Performance of up to 3300MB/s
  • RGB Sync with ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI.
  • External Thermal Sensor
  • Phison E12 controller
  • Aluminium housing
  • 5-Year Warranty

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