PC World Falsely Advertise Windows 8?

/ 5 years ago

UK retailer PC World are known in the UK market to being a little different to your average computer store. They have built up an image over the years revolving around the general public believing that their staff don’t necessarily have the best knowledge of the PC industry and this story possibly proves that.

With Windows 8 due upon us this year, we should see a large amount consumers flocking to stores to buy the latest Microsoft creation but advertising of this product from PC World isn’t exactly forthcoming.

The Dixons Retail owned retailer is offering Microsoft Windows 8 to the general public for the stonking price of £49.99 with expected stock to land for the 26th October 2012, but upon speaking to Microsoft, we’ve heard that this is actually an “upgrade price” and not the “Full edition” as the PC World website claims.

For users with a full license of Windows 7, they will be able to partake in this offer to “upgrade” to Windows 8 for this amazing price, but the wording PC World have used doesn’t exactly explain this. In fact, it doesn’t mention it at all, but instead focusses on the fact that this is a “Full edition”.

Maybe this is one for Trading Standards to stick their nose into, but as always, we want to give our readers the best information possible so that they don’t get taken for a ride, as it were.

All we can advise is to do your homework before upgrading and purchasing from a possibly better perceived such as Scan Computers or Overclockers, who we are sure will be up-front by giving you the truthful facts and not just trying to get your hard earned cash and make a run for it. Shame on you PC World, but hopefully this is just a mistake from their web team, but I guess time will tell.

You can find the product page in question here, and as you can see, there is no disclaimer to say that it’s an upgrade version or that you even need a previous version of Windows.


One Response to “PC World Falsely Advertise Windows 8?”
  1. Sean Quinn says:

    It’s not actually an error, Windows 8 is, at least in the US, being sold until 2013 at an introductory price of $69.99, which is around £43. So, £49.99 isn’t that bad.


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