Phone Battery Technology to Ensure Much Longer Life

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It’s the most common issue when talking about phones between friends – “My *insert smartphone here* is terrible, it goes flat in one day!”. As phones progress in leaps and bounds in regards to processing power, it always seems the poor power source is left behind.

Thanks to new battery technology, the next generation lithium cells could double your phones unplugged lifetime.

Currently your smartphone will have contained inside a lithium-ion battery, with the current limitations in power input coming from the ‘ion’. This means that the battery can only safely use the part of the cell that supplies ions, this wastes a lot of potential energy. Thanks to the researchers at Stanford, there has been a new lithium battery developed.

Engadget helped explain the new battery technology in easier terms:

“The technique allows for denser, more efficient lithium in the battery’s anode (which discharges electrons) by using a nanoscopic carbon shield that keeps the unstable chemical in check — uncontrolled, it can quickly shorten the device’s lifespan.”

What does this mean for you? A battery that lasts longer with slower decay and stays safe. Steven Chu from Stanford says that a phone equipped with this new technology could function for up to three times longer than its current lithium-ion counterparts. This is also positive news for the automotive industry, with larger batteries having the ability to be used with electric cars – increasing their range significantly.

We’re told that these batteries aren’t yet ready for the public sector, but we’re hoping for some more information very soon.

Throw your hands up in the air, do away with bulky battery packs and set your screen brightness back to full – it’s time to party!

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