PiPO Windows 8.1 Tablet to Cost only $82 USD

/ 3 years ago

pipo work w4

Today, domestic tablet manufacturer PiPO has announced they will be launching some high quality and low-costing Windows tablets into the market. They’ve released the Work-W4 8-inch tablet, which is said to be debuting at just $82 USD (499 yuan). Pictured above is only the prototype model, but the final product is said to end up very similar in design and functionality.

We’ve seen an increase in the ‘cheap’ domestic tablet market recently, what are your personal views on it? Having neither an allegiance to Android or Apple myself, I tend to be the kind of consumer who sticks with the ‘mainstream’ opting to get myself a Nexus 7 to try out. Or maybe you’re the kind that thinks tablets aren’t needed in this day and age with phones like the Samsung Galaxy 5 and iPhone 6 plus offering large enough screens, even before you transverse into the ‘note’ market.

As for specifications, the Work-W4 is said to offer:

● 1280 x 800 IPS LCD screen sitting at 8.0 inches in size
● Bay Trail-T 3735F Intel quad-core processors
● 16GB built-in storage
● front and rear camera
● 4500mAh battery

Many end users are making immediate comments about the low amount of RAM being supplied, which could certainly create some lag issues in the final design.

Image courtesy of Chiphell

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3 Responses to “PiPO Windows 8.1 Tablet to Cost only $82 USD”
  1. EzDzR says:

    At 1GB of ram, this thing will be about unusable. I would rather step down to a dual core Bay Trail and have at a minimum 2GB of ram.

  2. Wayne says:

    It’s great to have this cheap decent quality stuff around but the problem being is it tends to only hang about in the Chinese market which kinda defeats it’s purpose for the rest of us.
    Personally I have absolutely no use for a tablet, I bought a Nexus 7 myself, used it… I mean tried it for about a week, realised that I’d wasted a bit of money, (actually I already knew that before shelling out, I was just curious, besides I got a great deal) but my grand daughter absolutely loves it.

  3. blockofdynamite says:

    lol bay trail is a joke. I’d rather save the $ and use it to upgrade the CPU in my desktop! That tablet is way underspecced by my ’05 sony vaio!

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