Pirate Party Report Swedish IT Minister For Copyright Infringements

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While politicians and MPs are quick to bash consumers and websites for issues over copyright infringements it seems the Pirate Party are serving up Swedish MPs a dose of their own medicine. The Swedish Pirate Party has reported the Swedish IT minister to the police for a violation of copyright law. The IT minister, Anna-Karin Hatt, is accused of sharing copyrighted images via her Instagram without the copyright holder’s permission.

“When not even the Swedish IT Minister complies with copyright law online, one can hardly expect ordinary Internet users to feel compelled to follow such an outdated law,” says Torbjörn Wester, Pirate Party spokesperson. 

The IT Minister is accused of sharing Motion Pictures artwork from The Lord of the Rings, Monty Python and The Da Vinci Code. While the Pirate Party reported such violations to the police it is likely they will be ignored. While you may think what the Swedish IT Minister has done isn’t bad at all, the fact the Swedish government are pushing for copyright laws that make such activities illegal is a big issue for internet users. If Swedish MPs can’t even avoid the copyright traps they’ve created then what hope is there for the rest of the population?

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Image courtesy of the Pirate Party Sweden, Information via Torrent Freak

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One Response to “Pirate Party Report Swedish IT Minister For Copyright Infringements”
  1. Tony Thetiger says:

    that’s fucking awesome. good example of how copyright laws are outlandish.

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