Pirated Versions of Far Cry 4 Don’t Include FOV Adjustment Option

/ 3 years ago


Now that Far Cry 4 is out, pirated copies of the PC version are floating around – with a very sneaky surprise.

Ubisoft has clamped the FOV adjustment out of the pirated version of the game, with people complaining online about the lack of FOV adjustment easily identified as pirates. The Creative Director on the game, Alex Hutchinson, said on Twitter that the pirated version of Far Cry 4 doesn’t include FOV adjustments. Bazinga.

Source: Polygon

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7 Responses to “Pirated Versions of Far Cry 4 Don’t Include FOV Adjustment Option”
  1. Daniel M Winyard says:

    Catch them pesky pirates!

  2. COMMICZAR says:

    brilliant move pity they didn’t apply the same effort to AC unity

    • Jeordie White says:

      What is brilliant about a company releasing two different games, both with horrendous performance on current hardware and with many bugs. They put in a feature to break the game, and yet they release far worse broken games. Unity was unplayable with performance and crashing. Tell me again what is brilliant about a company wasting their time on something pirates already fixed. Let’s not forget that on legal versions of far cry your screen currently turns black with just about anything you do, you go through a load point, through a door, or anything, your screen turns black. Tell me again what is so brilliant about these companies releasing garbage at the time of launch. Not to mention that pirates didn’t even notice the issue and commenters confirmed they aren’t seeing the issue with their latest patch already. Seems like a huge waste of time when there was game breaking problems in the game already.

      • Ashley Moran says:

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      • COMMICZAR says:

        agree wholeheartedly with you , I like the idea of stopping pirates , however like you, I would love a game from ubisoft that didn’t need 14 million fixes before we can play what we paid for

  3. Thilan says:

    lel i can adjust that shit, stupid ubisoft, fucked up unity and talking about well performing game in pc

  4. Jeordie White says:

    I don’t care to play ubisoft games, but I went and searched. Skidrow fixed this problem. However in their last update that affects both legal and illegal copies, your screen goes black going through doors and load points. However it seems this game isn’t much better than unity for being optimized and playing well. I think this story is a good reminder of how little ubisoft cares for their customers. They are far too busy breaking them, then they are at making them work well at the time of shipping. It’s like the new industry standard. Release day is when it’s in beta, months later you might see something that plays well. Or that you can play. Unity is a nightmare.

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