Pixelbator – A VR Game Where Not Getting Caught Playing is Vital

/ 8 months ago

Pixelbator, the VR experience where you must masturbate to pornography on your PC without getting caught by your family members… no seriously. Having been successfully brought to Steam Greenlight they are looking to push this, creative project, out for general release with a particular interest in the VR capability.

Pixelbator has apparently been inspired by all of ‘those stories’ you hear about people getting caught… getting to know themselves… intimately… *ahem*

The objective of the game is to ‘finish’ without getting caught. To do this you are given a PC, an internets worth of pornography and even some tissue to help out with the clean up.

The stimulating content the game offers includes;

  • 5 family members, 2 daily acquaintances and a dog.
  • Over 30 actors and actresses
  • Thousands of different videos
  • There is actually a scenario mode (god knows what)
  • Messenger for keeping up with your friends
  • Browser for wandering on the many websites and watching videos
  • Popups
  • Ads
  • Spams
  • Low speed internet
  • And various other internet scum

Tissue, because an old sock could not be found.

As bizarre as the project sounds, the trailer below does actually seem to represent quite a fun quirky game making the point of apparently being more than just a ‘self-love’ simulator. The scenario represented is also one in which, more than us than would care to admit, could relate to.

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Whilst the game does not guarantee that you will not go blind or get hairy palms, it is very likely going to really annoy Jack Thompson and that’s almost worth it in itself.


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