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/ 5 years ago

PlayStation 4 is shaping up to be one hell of a console and Sony haven’t been sitting on their hands when it comes to announcing games, here we have the first four confirmed games for the first console of the next-gen race.

We’d love to know what games your most likely forward to, so leave us a comment below and if you’ve just joined us this evening why not join us on the Live Stream of the Sony event here.

Killzone Shadow Fall

An epic FPS title that is set to wow you with its epic set pieces and intense battles, not forgetting impressive graphics and another testament to the Killzone brand name

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A social based driving experience unlike anything you’ve seen before, create and challenge your friends, the world and beyond with your own events, races and more. Car models that are so detailed you can see the light reflection off the weave of the carbon fiber or even walk around your car in first person.

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chrome 2013-02-20 23-56-57-99

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chrome 2013-02-21 00-00-37-39

inFamous Second Son

Set in a future landscape of oppressive governments, intense scrutiny and digital monitoring. A stark look and one of our worlds possible futures and no doubt set to be one of the PlayStation 4’s most intense action epics.

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The Witness

Open world exclusive puzzle title that is set to baffle and test your mind with creativity and around 25 hours gameplay from its magical world. Cryptic puzzles and exploration blended for a relaxing and head scratching adventure unlike anything seen before.

chrome 2013-02-21 00-13-22-52

chrome 2013-02-21 00-13-32-45

chrome 2013-02-21 00-13-17-57

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