PlayStation Now Pricing Revealed: More Expensive To Rent Than Buy!?

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Sony’s PlayStation Now service allows gamers to stream games to their PS4, PS3 or PSVita devices over the internet. The service is currently in a closed beta and all participants are supposed to be under a strict NDA, but as always details have managed to leak out. The most entertaining of the leaks is the absolutely ridiculous pricing and rental structure. Sony offers all games to rent in four different time periods: 4 hours (what is the point!?), 7 days, 30 days and 90 days. The pricing is variable by game but let’s take a look at two of the examples. Saints Row: The Third The Full Package costs $5 for a measly 4 hours or $29.99 for 90 days! Bare in mind you can pick the game up for just $20.87 on Amazon delivered. Next we have Deus X: Human Revolution which costs the same exorbitant prices, you can pick this game up for just $12.18 delivered at Amazon! Talk about a con. Of course it’s worth pointing out that price and rental structures may change before the PlayStation Now service goes live and we sincerely hope this is the case.

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The Open Beta for PlayStation Now will arrive in July so Sony will need to get their act together for that, or face a significant backlash. Rumour has it that Sony could be moving towards a subscription based model where you can get access to a lot of games based on the type of subscription you have, instead of having to pay per title which will undoubtedly work out very expensive.  Here’s to hoping that an overwhelming negative response will encourage Sony to drop the prices significantly!

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