Plusnet to Offer its Own TV Service

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It’s a tough market out there with the likes of Sky, BT and Virgin offering massive ranges of TV, Internet and Phone packages. The smaller internet providers such as Plusnet and TalkTalk need to breach into different market segments. The bigger companies are looking into mobile while TalkTalk has moved into the TV market by offering YouView and now it seems Plusnet is joining the YouView trend.

Plusnet, founded way back in 1997, is a low cost and extremely reliable provider. It’s taken them long enough to offer this service; Plusnet is owned by BT after a buy-out deal in December 2013. BT already offer a range of YouView set-top boxes alongside their paid TV subscription service. It would be a possibility to see some of the BT channels making their way on to the YouView service, with the likes of Sky already doing so with TalkTalk customers.

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This scheme will be trialled by employees at first, then opened up to a small customer trial. The provider then states they will offer the new TV bundle to all of its Unlimited Fibre customers. Sounds very much like an Alpha, Beta and main release of a computer game.

Do you currently take your TV out with your ISP? Are you a YouView user or do you prefer to use the internet for your source of TV? Let us know in the comments.

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