PNY Unveils Anarchy X DDR4 Memory

/ 2 years ago


Intel’s Skylake architecture and Z170 chipset have made DDR4 an affordable proposition and no longer exclusive to the enthusiast platform. As a result, high bandwidth, DDR4 pricing dropped quite significantly in recent months and legitimately rivaled the pricing of DDR3. The advantages of DDR4 includes higher frequencies and reduced voltage. Today, PNY announced the Anarchy X DDR4 modules which comes in a variety of capacities and speeds.

The DIMMs vary between 2400MHz to 2800MHz with a CAS latency of CL16 at 1.2V and utilize high-quality ICs. On another note, the XLR8 heat spreaders look fantastic and should accompany a red and black gaming theme extraordinarily well. In terms of pricing, the 16GB (4×4) configuration has a recommend retail price of £139 including VAT. This emphasizes how affordable high-capacity memory is becoming and it will be interesting to see the prices of DDR3 as more customers migrate to Skylake.

Unfortunately, Intel’s latest offering is currently quite poor value-for-money due to supply issues but CPUs should drop in price once sales reduce and stock increases. Additionally, AMD’s Zen architecture could apply pressure on Intel to offer more attractive pricing for consumers.

What speed of memory are you currently using?

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2 Responses to “PNY Unveils Anarchy X DDR4 Memory”
  1. 12John34 says:

    16GB Kit (4x4GB) DDR3 2933MHz (PC3-23400) CL12 (RED)
    Anarchy X, DDR3 AND 2933MHz.
    Are they completely morons in that company? Their own PRs are misleading.

  2. WiLD says:

    300mbs of ddr-1 1lhz.

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