PowerColor Clarifies Details on AMD 390X Photos at Computex

/ 2 years ago

PCDevil 390x 7

Computex 2015 – As we are live at Computex, we wanted to find out of the leaked photos actually were of the upcoming AMD Radeon R9 390X or not. So we caught up with PowerColor and asked them some questions to find out.

And we now know it for sure and sadly have to debunk the previous news. The pictured card is NOT the new R9 390X, nor is it an official cooling design.

The representative at the PowerColor booth confirmed this. Underneath the beefy cooler is an AMD Radeon R9 290X card and it is equipped with a prototype DEVIL 13 Hybrid cooling solution. So sadly, this is neither a finished new card nor the highly expected Radeon R9 390X card.

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PowerColor could however confirm that they are working on the new AMD R9 300 series and will have their cards ready shortly after the official reveal June 16th at E3, so stay tuned and we’ll make sure to keep you updated as soon as we have more information.

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  • Eoin Mc Namara

    I’d say by that logic then that the 300 series will be roughly the same size as their 200 counterparts, if not a bit smaller.

  • Gboss

    This looked huge, i was concerned about it fitting in my case… Hopefully it will sized be more like the 290x im about to replace

    • wah007

      The 390 will be compact, much smaller than the 290.

      • kwaii

        Looks like a triple slot cooler though, Might have some problems in SFF systems.

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