PowerColor Extreme 850 W Power Supply Review

/ 7 years ago

The traditional video card manufacturer PowerColor decided to enter the power supply market. Let’s see if their 850 W unit (a.k.a. PX-850W) is a good product.

PowerColor advertises this model as having the 80 Plus Bronze certification, however this unit isn’t listed at Ecos Consulting’s website. We contacted Ecos Consulting and they explained that this unit is in the process of being certified, and that this is not a rebranded model – so it seems this model is manufactured exclusively for PowerColor. We find it amazing how some companies add the 80 Plus logo and start selling their products BEFORE getting the 80 Plus certification.

We couldn’t determine the OEM they are using. The printed circuit board carry the model number, “SL-850EPS”, which may indicate that this unit is manufactured by Solytech. But this is just a guess.

Source: Hardware Secrets

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One Response to “PowerColor Extreme 850 W Power Supply Review”
  1. aruffell says:

    Going to see if i can get some PowerColor products shortly.Just waiting on their marketing department to get back to us.Andy

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