Project Unity’s 15-In-1 Console

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Project Unity designed by Bacteria designed a massive system composed of  15 gaming consoles all fit into one simple box like case. If you are a console gamer, then perhaps your dreams have just come true. Allowing you to easily switch games, and even switching consoles. Bacteria designed a custom controller which you are able to switch the programming by swapping out an NES cartridge that holds the programming for each console. The entire design took roughly 3,500 hours to build, which is entirely understandable once you see the insides of the unit.

When the first thoughts went into the system he wanted to keep it away from becoming an emulator or a clone system, and that is just what he was able to do. Combining the 15 different systems into one box, he is now able to play 18 different formats in total.

The entire design took roughly 3,500 hours to build, which is entirely understandable once you see the insides of this unit. This unit consumed over 300 metres of wiring. The entire system, not counting the time going into the machine was around £700 in parts alone, I am sure that this counts the cost of the consoles.

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 This console features the following 15 gaming consoles:

  1. Armstrad GX1000
  2. Atari 7800
  3. Colecovision
  4. Intellivision
  5. NEC TurboGrafx X
  6. Neo Geo MVS
  7. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  8. Nintendo Gamecube
  9. Nintendo 64
  10. Sega Dreamcast
  11. Sega MegaDrive (Genesis)
  12. Sega Master System
  13. Sega Saturn
  14. Sony Playstation 2
  15. Super Nintendo (SNES)

If you’re interested in building your own custom system you can find Bacteria’s forum, mind you, it may take quite a bit of funding and loads of man hours to complete. Mad props to Bacteria for showing off his awesome build, I don’t know if I would have the patents to put in the time and energy he did into this amazing build!

You are also welcome to check out the video he produced to tell us more about his system. There are quite a few videos of the build in progress as well as other projects he is working on or has completed.


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  1. Bree says:

    Way too much time used on this.. But it is still really awesome!

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