PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360 As Top Selling Console In The US

/ 4 years ago

The battle between Microsoft and Sony over who’s console is better is one that has had the two rival companies wanting to find ways to prove their offering is better. In the US, one of the biggest console buying nations, The Xbox 360 has, for the last 32 months – that is nearly two and a half years – been the top-selling console month-on-month, however after one impressive run of being at the top of its game, the 360 has finally fallen to the feet of the PS3 as it takes top spot for the first time since 2011.

According to the console sales figures released by NPD, the release of Grand Theft Auto V, which itself broke sales records, may have been part of the reason why the PS3 became more popular in September as Sony bundled in the games with their specially branded consoles.

Sales of consoles are not the only part of the market to see improvements due to Rockstar’s latest game title, whilst the Xbox 360 is still [for this year] going to be the top-selling console ahead of the launch of the Xbox One and the PS4, sales of console accessories and other gaming related hardware have also shot up by 27% (Vs. Sept 2012) as the market can’t get enough of GTA V.

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Seeing as the Xbox One and the PS4 are very close to hitting the shelves, only to be quickly snatched off as everyone rushed to get the latest consoles, the slate can be wiped clean and by the end of the year we will see who is the top manufacturer.

Xbox One or PS4? Which are you rooting for? Have you got a pre-order or waiting for launch prices to fall, let us know in the comments section below.

Source: GeekWire

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