PS4 Outsold The Xbox One By Two To One In January

/ 4 years ago


A new report published by the NPD Group predicts that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One by approximately two to one. NPD Group constructed their estimates based on game sales data from January and it concluded that there is a wide margin in sales between the two console developers.

“Demand for PlayStation 4 remains incredibly strong as it was No. 1 in sales for next-gen consoles in January, nearly doubling the nearest next-gen competitor, and remains the cumulative leader, according to today’s NPD report,” Sony’s Guy Longworth said in a statement provided to VentureBeat.

Neither Sony or Microsoft have disclosed sales figures for their consoles so far but it definitely looks like Sony has the upper hand. Clearly $100 makes more different than you might think! Have you bought a latest generation console? If so which one did you go for?

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One Response to “PS4 Outsold The Xbox One By Two To One In January”
  1. Zeed says:

    I got myself PS4 cause its cheaper than my watercooled 290x 😀 Problem is i was planning to play Drive club on it but… Well its not fucking out.. So My PS4 is gathering dust. I did play fair amount of DCUO over Xmas but thats about it 😛

    Besides i would not buy MS cnsole due to Shit they ware trying to pull out with XBONE. And they did not even managed to stick with what they said will NEVER EVER EVER change always online thing. But moaning people made them change.

    Seems they cant keep their own word so FU MS.

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