Purported iPad Mini ‘working prototype’ photos leak

/ 5 years ago

Apple have only just launched their new iPhone 5, but they have plenty of products in the pipeline that we officially don’t know about, but know they’re coming. This includes refreshed, and hopefully Retina display-powered iMacs, an Apple TV (iTV?), a smaller, 7.85-inch iPad mini, and other devices.

BoloPad have reported with some pictures of what looks like the first images of an iPad mini that isn’t a shell or a device, or bare parts. Photos of teh metal case of the purported iPad mini reached the shores of the Internet a few weeks ago, which looked pretty much identical.

If the new iPad mini does arrive, we should expect it sometime next month, meaning that there’ll be more leaks in the coming weeks. What do you think of the iPad mini? Do you think Apple will be able to conquer the smaller tablet market, too? We do have the unbelievably cheap, but undeniably fast ASUS Nexus 7 which runs Google’s amazingly awesome Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, meaning that Apple not only have competition, they’re entering a market where they currently only have the 9.7-inch iPad.


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