Putin Says He Is Unaware Of Snowden’s Russian Citizenship Intentions

/ 4 years ago


According to Russia Today Russian President Vladimir Putin says he knows nothing of Edward Snowden’s intention to become a Russian citizen. His personal spokesperson stated that:

“I do not know whether he filed all the documents and what he is asking for. As I said earlier, this is not the issue that the president’s administration tracks online”

Furthermore Putin’s spokesperson claims that Russia’s stance on Edward Snowden has not changed and that:

“Russia has never extradited anyone and will not do so. However, no one is permitted to engage in any activity that may harm bilateral Russian-American relations, whether it is Snowden or not”

Additionally he addressed reports which state Barack Obama is going to cancel his visit to Moscow over the Snowden incident are unknown to the Russian government and that they have received no formal notification from the Obama administration suggesting the trip will be cancelled.

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Image courtesy of RIA Novosti/Aleksey Nikolskyi

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