QNAP Releases Qfiling to Automate Your File Organisation

/ 10 months ago


Another week and another cool new NAS feature crops up. QNAP released the beta version of their Qfiling NAS app which will automate your file organisation, thereby saving you time and effort. The whole thing is quite easy as all you have to do is categorise your files and set a schedule. Qfiling will then take care of the rest in the background.

Using a NAS as a centralised file locker is already a great thing that can make your life a lot easier. In my opinion, no home should be without a NAS. But micro-managing a lot of files can be a tedious task and now there’s no need for it anymore. Especially when you’re faced with a huge number of files spread through multiple folders. It becomes increasingly harder and more time-consuming. We’ve all been there, trying to sort out those old backup folders and get some organisation back into our lives. All that can now be done automatically by rules and schedules, at least if you have a compatible QNAP NAS.

The system doesn’t just work with the internal drives, you can expand the function to span external drives and virtual volumes such as VJBOD too.

As far as system requirements go, Qsirch must already be installed in order to use Qfiling. You also need a QNAP model with at least 2GB RAM and running QTS 4.3.0 or later, but the TAS series doesn’t seem to be supported at this time. While it will run with 2GB, it is recommended to have at least 4GB as it will run a lot smoother.

QNAP’s new Qfiling is available now through the app center and you can check out the short demo video above or you can just install it right away. You can also learn more on the official mini-site for the app.

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