Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W CM Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

/ 4 years ago

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Be Quiet are one of the most respected power supply vendors currently on the market. Combining performance, sleek aesthetics, silent operation, innovative functionality and reasonable pricing it is hardly a surprise they have managed to snatch the title of Germany’s number one selling PSU vendor. In the past we have taken a look at two power supplies from Be Quiet: the Pure Power L8 CM 730W and the Straight Power E9 680W and both walked away with eTeknix awards due to a combination of the aforementioned features.

Be Quiet have an extensive portfolio of power supply segments starting from the “most premium” to the “most budget” they are the Dark Power Pro, then Straight Power, then Pure Power, then SFX Power, then TFX Power and then System Power. Today we have with us one of the most premium models, and more specifically the Dark Power Pro 10 550W CM power supply, with the CM denoting cable management or a modular design. Some of the features of the specific model we have today include 80 Plus Gold certification, a 135mm Silent Wings fan, a rubber anti-vibration brace, a almost fully modular design (only the 24 pin comes pre-attached) and an innovative “overclocking key” which allows you to toggle between quad 12 volt rails or a single 12 volt rail.


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