Radeon R9 Fury X Reviewers Guide Leaked

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PC gaming is constantly evolving, components become more durable, powerful and innovative. The end result being gamers getting a much better experience from their games.

This week there has been some serious hype about the all new Radeon R9 Fury X GPU, the highest end card to feature the new Fiji GPU chip. Earlier this week a Reviewers guide was leaked by videocardz.com.


They posted an article on their website with the above picture, providing the technical specs of the new card. We can see that it has 4GB of high bandwidth memory, has a TDP of 275w and is able to support the latest API’s. DirectX 12, Vulkan and Mantle. The article states that the card will (unsurprisingly) be able to provide 4K output. The HBM memory is quite cool too, it can provide more processing power in 19x less space than standard GDDR5 memory that is used in most cards to date. The power efficiency is 35GB/s per watt of power, pretty high compared to GDDR5’s 10.6GB/s per watt. AMD-Radeon-R9-Fury-X-metal-construction-900x478

AMD have kept this card very sleek and tidy, no large heatsinks hanging out the back, all the PCB is concealed under the black shroud. The guide states that AMD have kept with the following design criteria. Professional. Elegant. Simple. Modern.  and we can see that they have! It’s a beautiful card to look at and it looks even better in a chassis.

They also stated:

“In addition the AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X features our brand new GPU Tach LEDs, which are 8+1 LEDs located above the PCIe power connectors that indicate the intensity level of the GPU operation. For example during a typical gaming session all 8 LEDs will be lit, and while typically idling on the desktop a single LED will be lit. These 8 LEDs are user configurable to either red and/or blue by the physical dipswitch located on the back side of the graphics card. The 1 green LED located alongside the 8 LEDs indicates when the graphics card is in ZeroCore Power operation.”


Sounds pretty sweet, right? I can see this being a really nice feature to have on cases with large window panels, so you can see how hard your GPU is being hammered without having to have a pesky 3rd part bit of software running in the foreground.

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The people who wrote the article kindly posted some overclocking specs too, they added a 100mhz overclock on the gpu core, providing a handsome 5% increase in performance in Witcher 3.

The card also has AMD’s PowerTune technology inside it, which gives you the ability to tweak your overclock even more, it also comes with the ability to tune your card acoustically, so you can ramp the fan right down to have the quietest experience but the highest temps. Or vice-versa.  One feature that I quite like is the rame rate maximum settings. This enables you to cap the frame rate to reduce screen tear or help to get better performance if only running at say 60fps.


The final, and in my opinion, one of the best parts is the Virtual Super Resolution capability. It gives games the ability to render at the infamous 4k then scale it back down to a normal resolution that is native in the display. The article provides a lot more detail on this feature.

Safe to say, I am pretty excited about the release of the new card – Will I be getting one? quite possibly.

Will you be buying one of these beasts when they’re made available to the public? let us know in the comments

Thank you to Videocardz for providing us with this information.

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  1. ZomBie says:

    to all the haters from the previous R9 Fury X articles.
    See Eteknix isn’t biased.

  2. Trenter says:

    Robert doesn’t seem to be bias.

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