Rasberry Pi Cuts Price in Wake of CHIP

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Raspberry Pi (R.Pi) is the humble DIY enthusiast computer that anyone could buy and program for under £50. This little piece of technology allowed users to design a multitude of items that would normally be too expensive to buy as a complete kit. This really took off thanks to its low price and high customisability.

Well in the past week, CHIP, a $9 Kickstarter creation has given the creators of Pi a bit of a shock. CHIP is somewhat a direct rival to the Pi, bringing a similar level of custom tweaking to an entirely new price point. This has now pushed the Pi creators to reduce the price of one of the latest Model B+ version down to £16; not great news for income or recent buyers, but good news for those wanting to buy one. The price cut is the result of ‘production optimisations’, but looking at the product images and specifications on the main page, we can’t tell the difference.

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Back in February, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the Raspberry Pi 2. It was released in the same form factor as the B+ and cost around the same, but the features on the Pi 2 were far superior. The foundation says that the B+ model has “continued to sell very well” and will not doubt be widely accepted by the community.

I can’t wait for the price to be confirmed and we start seeing it hit the shops, I will be buying one for my planned projects. What do you think of the new price point? Do you think that the pricing needs to come down further to compete? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you to ArsTechnica for providing us with this information.

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