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/ 3 years ago


How often do you find yourself careering through the advertisements located on your Facebook feed? Not often is likely the answer. But if you do, Facebook kindly asks now that you rate the advert’s effectiveness before you scroll on.

Facebook are trying to help companies with their ads. I personally manage a Facebook page and every time I go to make a new advertisement, Facebook will hit you with a bunch of suggestions – be it wording aspects, target audience or even how much money they think you should spend per day, session or advertisement as a whole. Now, if you click “I don’t want to see this” on an advertisement in your feed, Facebook will pop up a little questionnaire for you to answer, asking you to “help them understand the problem”.

People often joke about a “Facebook premium” service where users pay a certain price per week or month, in order to view Facebook advertisement free. We want to know your thoughts on this – do you think this is a justifiable solution to the increasing barrage of ads in your social media experiences? Or do you simply not care as you’re wanting to use a free service.

We’ve seen an increase in Facebook advertisements as of late, but they’re not the only social media provider going for increased revenue. We’ve reported on Twitter looking for their slice of the pie and even Snapchat joining the fray.

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