Razer Blade gets an upgrade and could be released by Christmas

/ 6 years ago

When Razer announced that it would release a notebook specifically for gamers, the news really came out of nowhere as most people were surprised. Later it was announced that the gaming notebook, named Blade, would see a release during the last quarter of 2011. According to Kotaku, it is very likely that the Blade will make it in time although it will prove to be very close.

According to Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan, the Razer blade has already been completed. However, only the first units have been given, and those lucky enough to enjoy this rather luxury gaming gear are “elect friends and game publishing CEOs.”

The rest of us will have to wait for the company’s official webstore to accept pre-orders, with the plan of shipping the notebooks before Christmas although it’s rather unclear as to how close to Christmas will the shipment start.

Now, even though the rest of us will have to wait, the Razer Blade is still reserved to the gamers with deep pockets as the price to pay for such a notebook is $2,799, it’s going to take more than some cookies and a glass of milk to get this out of Santa…

On the ‘bright’ side, if you can call it so, the company is switching from what was originally intended to be a 320GB hard drive to a 256GB SSD without making any change the price. While the price is still high, the change from HDD to SSD is going to give some significant improvements.



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