More Razer Phone Details Leaked—Has 120Hz Display

/ 5 months ago

More Leaks Ahead of Launch Day

Some details about Razer’s first smartphone came out over 3 weeks ago. The official announcement is on schedule for tomorrow November 1st, but more details are leaking out ahead of that time. A mobile carrier in the UK has put up the product page ahead of the actual announcement. Once something is online however, it is almost impossible to keep it contained so even though the page was taken off. Thanks to Android Police we have the following information:

While we know the resolution of the screen is 2560×1440 and it is 5.7″ from the early leak, new information reveals that it is actually an IGZO display with 120Hz refresh rate. IGZO stands for “Indium Gallic Zinc Oxide” and it is a superior alternative to the typical amorphous silicon used in many displays. The 120Hz part is impressive and not surprising considering Razer is pushing this to be a gaming smartphone.  The Dolby ATMOS sound via dual front facing speakers is a nice feature too.

Another interesting information that is not in the initial leak is the 4000mAh battery. Any gamer knows how quick batteries drain when gaming so the 4000mAh battery is a decent choice. Obviously Razer also does not want the phone to be bulky.

As for the rest of the details, we all just have to wait one more day for the official announcement.

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