Razer’s “Project Fiona” hardware specs (sort of) taking shape

/ 5 years ago

Razer’s project Fiona now called as the “World’s first crowd-sourced gaming tablet” seems to be coming in shape at the very least, and the specs may be finalized and even on standby for assembly and shipping soon.

Min-Liang Tan, CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Razer has mentioned the choice of specs that he would include, ultimately a final choice to be made based on the feedback given by Razer’s fans and some gamers. Min-Lian Tan revealed some vague info that it will feature an i5 or i7 processor, a mid tier GPU, leaving enough power to most likely crank things to medium settings on most games, double the thickness/weight of an iPad and detachable controllers.

He didn’t say anything about the operating system, but since he’s associating the products with PC Gaming, most likely it would come with Windows 8. Also since they are talking about detachable controllers, it make sense to have a touch panel.

The specs that Razer seem to be aiming for indicates a price fallomg between US $1299-US $1499. How the product really responds in the market? We’ll know when it takes shape and arrives. For now, Razer have hosted a contest where they’ll give away 3 of these units as a giveaway once they start shipping Fiona in the near future.

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