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Red Dead Redemption 2 Murder Mystery – Can You Solve It?

Given that it’s a Sunday, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll be a Columbo on the TV at some point today. If you were in the mood for a murder mystery, however, then Red Dead Redemption 2 might provide you with more of a challenge. Well, particularly since Columbo generally tends to make it abundantly clear who the killer is right at the beginning!

In a video that’s proving very popular on Reddit, gaming detectives are trying to figure out why a random NPC in Red Dead Redemption 2 decided to brutally murder another.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Murder Mystery!

In the video, which was taken during the single-player campaign, we see Arthur Morgan antagonizing a random person into a fight. Nothing unusual there, right? Well, it becomes more than a little bizarre when a seemingly random NPC (from a pretty significant distance) decides to intervene by stabbing your assailant in the neck from behind!

Don’t believe me? – Then watch it for yourself in the video below!

Can You Solve It?

So far, nobody seems to have any firm ideas as to what caused that NPC to get involved in the fight. As you can see around the 15-second mark, as soon as the victim throws the first punch at Arthur, he wheels around very quickly despite being a considerable distance away from both Arthur and his new ‘friend’. The murderer then proceeds to stalk his victim before plunging the knife in his neck.

There are a number of theories as to why this might have happened which include:

  • The unusual manner in which Arthur opened the doors at the beginning (arms crossed?) may have inadvertently ‘triggered’ the murderer
  • The fact that Arthur didn’t start the fight, well, more accurately, he didn’t throw the first punch, may have caused a weird tweak in the AI
  • Rockstar Games’ AI has always just been weird! (This is the one I’d put my money on).

If you think you can spot the motive was, however, let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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