Reddit Bans Users for Sharing Leaked Sony Documents

/ 3 years ago


After receiving a number of takedown requests, reddit has started banning users found to have been sharing documents from the recent Sony hack. The documents include internal documents, e-mails, video files, and employee data. Over 200 gigabytes of the 100 terabytes of stolen information has been shared on the SonyGOP subreddit. The subreddit has also been suspended.

The hack, which happened at the end of November, was perpetrated by a group calling itself ‘Guardians of Peace’. The hackers are believed to have launched the attack in protest at the forthcoming Sony-produced movie, The Interview, starring Seth Rogan and James Franco. The comedy film is about a pair of journalists, played by Rogan and Franco, who are co-opted by the US government to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. ‘Guardians of Peace’ have threatened violent action against any cinema that screens the film.

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In addition to petitioning reddit, Sony is also pressuring news outlets to abstain from posting details of the leaks, threatening legal action against any organisation that denies the request.

Source: Business Insider

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